Artists like to dissect things

Well, we are a month into 2015 and I am fulfilling my first goal of the new year, which is to start my first blog to explain my process as an artist, record important events and influential people. I must admit I’m a bit nervous but I will get over it.  Nervous, because I think of some of the blogs that I admire that are written so well. The artists’ experiences flow through the text which can become quite elegant within a simple format like a blog. I’ve learned from artists through their blogs, and the best ones are honest experiences that have a descriptive simplicity, as if the bloggers are simply writing to themselves in a journal.

Communication is key to an artist’s success. We need to develop ourselves through the written form as well as the paint brush. So Day 1 is today. I will discover my voice, explain what puts the fire in my belly to wake up every day and be an artist who carves out a written path. I will post my artwork and photos along the way and any trials and tribulations that dust up. Artists like to dissect things, they like to get into the minutia. This is one of the ways I will continue my process as an artist. There may be some old and new dust to kick up along the way.


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