Teaching Happens in Odd Ways Sometimes

Teaching art through watercolor has been an area of focus that I have used to develop my instruction. My formal education in art taught me fundamental skills in color theory, drawing from the figure, and two- and three- dimensional designs through painting, printmaking and photography. I learned to teach by being around great teachers in very creative settings. One of those places was at Camp Common Ground, in Vermont. Working in a recreational environment at the CCG summer camp is where I met art instructors Jeneane Lunn and Kate Hartley. They are masterful artists. Jeneane, at the time, taught pastels outdoors, and Kate taught watercolor. Both teachers had a deep well of knowledge and ability and I tried to absorb as much as possible from these skilled veteran teachers. At the time, I worked in the camp’s office, and my job was to organize the scheduling and connect with teachers to see that they had what they needed to run their classes. I had to order art supplies, get easels and tables out of storage and set them up for students, and generally be a liaison for teachers and students. At times, we did not have a lot of amenities, but we did not lack in passion and enthusiasm for the arts.


After working at this summer camp, I realized that I needed to be doing my own art more often. The four weeks a year that I spent working at camp amongst professional artists, musicians, dancers and inspired performers was simply just not enough. I rented a cheap art studio in Burlington to paint, Took art lessons from artists that I admired, and just kept painting. I started selling my paintings and hand painted silk scarves at local art fairs and farmers markets. It was a great way to meet customers who were interested in my work, and connect with other artists to share ideas, stories, and all the work that goes into being a working artist. At various times over the past ten years I have been a market vendor at The Burlington Art Market, The Stowe Farmers Market, Spruce Peak Resort Farmers Market and The Waitsfield Farmers Market.

Vermont is a tourist destination. And I have always enjoyed feeling like an ambassador, of sorts, welcoming people from all over the world who vacation here. This remains one of my most enjoyable aspects of being a visual artist at the art fairs and markets that I sell at. Engaging with the public, sharing stories, learning about people are all fascinating to me.

Here are a few photos of my booth at the markets over the years.



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