Summer Watercolor Class

The sun was out so I eagerly set up my watercolor station outside on my deck where I have a small bistro table with an umbella. Typically, I paint in my windowless basement which is every bit as unglamorous as it sounds but once I settle in and set my Pandora station to my latest jazz and pop tunes, I quickly forget where I am and get into painting. So the chance to get an afternoon of painting in on the deck outside seemed ripe with promise.  Not so I’m afraid. Wind and bad glare from the sun had this basement painter quite distracted. Paper blowing all over, paint drying too fast and my table and umbrella swaying in the wind shortened my day but blustery weather not withstanding, I did finish my painting.

Last week was the first of several classes that I am teaching this summer and I started the class with an introduction to negative space painting using the spring forest as inspiration. We primarily are using monochromatic and analogous colors starting with  yellow, blues and greens and later adding opposite colors red and purple for details. We are painting the background first and leaving rough vertical areas of white paper where the trees will eventually be painted. By building layers of yellow, green and blue foliage we will begin to create our forest as we build layer upon layer.

Students can look at the steps that I created below. Feel free to comment or start a painting dialogue with this blog if you wish. I will answer your questions here or in my private email. Whichever you prefer.

Here are the step by step details:









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